Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mission Statement

Futures For Standardbreds is an independent, non-profit, tax exempt 501(c) (3) organization located in southern Maine. We accept donated Standardbreds that are no longer racing for a variety of reasons, and also rescue them from situations that will lead to inhumane treatment. The horses must be sound and retrainable for pleasure disciplines, and placement in a responsible home. The required donation for adopting these horses is returned directly to the program to be used for helping more Standardbreds in need.

For questions and information, contact         ffstandardbreds@maine.rr.com

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We could not have retrained and placed these Standardbreds in need without our invaluable supporters. Thank you to all who bought raffle tickets, Christmas wreaths, participated in Fun Day, and tirelessly helped in many ways.

Thank You to Our Dependable Volunteers:
Karen Ansteenson                            Lori Pennell
Cyndie Bowie                                  Kate Randall
Renée Chervenak                             Brandi Raymond
Robyn Cuffey                                  Meg Raymond                              
Debby Dubois                                  Gloria Steiger
Ann Ewing                                       Desirée Strout
Molly Kinney                                   Christine Vito
Abby Lovejoy                                  Cathy Wright
Margie McDonald                            Courtney Wright
Gina McMachen

Thank You to Our Generous Donors:
Amazonsmile                                                       Lassell Jaretzki
anonymous foundation grant                               Catherine Robin Jones
Lisa Bognar                                                         Donald Knowles
Claude Bonang                                                    Anne Krawchuk
Catherine Bouthillier                                           Kim La Branche
Cyndie Bowie                                                      Stephen La Casse
Alice Bruce                                                          Mary Larson
Renée Chervenak                                                 Long Horn Horse & Pet Supply
Nancy Cleary                                                       Michelle MacDougall
CLYNK                                                                Sarah Marble
Melora Coggeshall                                               Maureen McCoy
Robyn Cuffey                                                       Claire McNeeley
Ann & Gregg Cuffey                                            Eva Morrill
Anne & Everett Cunningham                               Tricia Perkins
Carol Devery                                                        Pam Peters
Dickson Family Foundation                                 Leslie Phelps
Joyce & Thomas Dillon                                       Barbara Pretorius
Mary Lou Dillon                                                  Kristin Pretorius
Lorna Dorsey                                                       Sharon Radford
Ronald Douglas                                                   Sue & Bob Ramger
Eleanor & Edith Edsall                                        Carl Rhodes
Donna Fenderson                                                 Gale Rhodes
Linda Fisher                                                         Pamela Rhodes
Marcia Flagg                                                        Susan Richards
Mary Jo & Bob Fontenot                                     Barbara Sawtelle
Emily Fournier                                                     Helene Smith
Jacquie Fuller                                                       Martha Smith
Clotilde Glovack                                                  SPHO-ME
Dana Goding                                                        James St. Pierre
Louise Gohring                                                    Margaret St. Pierre
Karen & Bob Greenberg                                      Gloria Steiger
Hannaford                                                             Irene & Mark Testa
Jennifer Howard                                                   UNUM
Amy Hyland                                                         Vicki Varney
Kim & Wendy Ireland                                          Christine Vito
Marilyn Ives                                                         Cathy & Courtney Wright                                                      

Testimonial from Anne Krawchuk who adopted Ted:
"Hi! Ted is doing so well! We love him very much! Thank you for your HONESTY - he is exactly as he was represented?"

We are greatly indebted to Eric Dickson, who is a Standardbred owner and major FFS benefactor. His testimonial:
“…you should be very proud of the work you are doing and I will continue to help anyway I can…I love working with Standardbreds and enjoy watching them race, but I could never be involved with the sport if there wasn't organizations like FFS that help assure a good life for them after racing.  I believe owners have an obligation to the horses after racing…”

Thank you to a valued supporter of Standardbreds:“…I am a big fan of Standies …they are one of the (unfortunately) best kept secrets of the horse world.  From following STBs I know some of the biggest support for them seems to be in Maine and New Jersey. This year I decided to make donations in honor of co-workers rather than giving presents…  Knowing the majority of Amish buggy horses are STBs I wanted to support an alternate fate after racing.  … I snooped around the internet for any news and it all seemed positive.  So ultimately it wasn’t the location as much as it was the mission which led me to your organization. A friend of mine has horses and I was constantly singing the praises of STBs.  A few years back she was approached to take a STB mare whose Amish family wanted her to go to a good home.  My friend now recognizes how great STBs are. J  Keep up the good work…”


This rescued Standardbred mare can assure you that "saving one horse at a time" made all the difference for her. Although she's not completely sound, she is solid on the trail, and is a loving and beloved family member. Futures For Standardbreds always has Standardbreds in training who are waiting for their forever home. We will continue to work for Standardbreds in need - "one horse at a time".

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